Feb 5, 2012

Retile Survey

This is a call for anyone who would like to get involved with some practical reptile survey work this year.
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We have one project in Forestry Commission plantations, initially in the east of the county, locating windrows (lines of tree brash and soil) and sureying them for the presence of adder hibernacula. There will be a training session on Sunday 26th February to show volunteer surveyors what to look for in a potential site. They will then be allocated a square of forest to search and hopefully, count adders in. The aim is to provide useful information to the Forestry Commission about where their adders are overwintering and if enough people are interested, turn it in to a long term monitoring programme to provide data to the make the adder count project/ARG UK record pool. There is a link to these schemes from the SARG facebook page if you would like some more information.
Although the training and inital allocation of squares will be in the Rendleham/Tangham area, anyone with an interest in surveying for adders is welcome, as it would be good if we could find people to search in Thetford forest as well.
If you would like to be involved with this can you please let me know by Saturday 18th February via the contacts page on the website